2016 Review

There are only four days left of 2016 and that's just wild. Normally, I would say how the year flew by and how awesome it was but this year was a bit of a snail for us while we struggled through some lifestyle adjustments and changes on our way to minimalism. (If you haven't been following along, we're downsizing from 1500 sq feet to 150 sq feet + planning to travel full time. Read more here.)

I always procrastinate this post because it's time consuming but to be honest, this year I'm really glad I sat down to do it. I realized how many stories we were a part of this year even though our calendar was slimmer than years past. I realized how many amazing places we had the opportunity to experience and document together and with our awesome client-friends. This review always helps to showcase to us behind the scenes areas where we should focus our efforts in the coming year and areas where we got stronger from the following years. It's cathartic to reflect this way.

We're so ready for what 2017 has in store for our life & business. 
To name a few:
-Travel Schedules
-New mediums & outlets of expression will be shared
-Life in the camper
-Another year of amazing weddings, clients + stories

But before we get to 2017 we have to honor all that was 2016!

2016 took us to Oregon, Colorado, Virginia and to some of the best venues this state has. We met a dozen or more new friends and these are the notable images from those adventures! It was a tough selection process to give a comprehensive review! We hope you enjoy these pieces of history from 2016.

Thank you so much to our clients + friends who support us, tell their friends about us and encourage our crazy dreams! We couldn't do this without you!
Cheers to 2017!