We are so excited to work with you and see your wedding plan take shape! We're here to help. Brides reading this, make sure to send this link to your Groom or read it together!

Our Wedding Guide is the first place to start planning for great, documentary photos AND a memorable wedding experience. We want your wedding day to flow and feel amazing. We want you to be intentionally present in all the moments, which means planning ahead for things like designated portrait time, the best natural lighting and timeline options.  

Natural. Emotional. Candid.

Those are 3 words that couples frequently use to describe our work and we love that, but in order to achieve that feeling in the images we capture at your wedding, we actually need quite a bit of your help. Most of which is in the planning. 

Our process hinges on 3 main elements; 1. You. 2. Timing 3. Lighting. We can't control any of those elements so we have to try our best to plan ahead so that the day allows time and space for moments like these. 


Tips for making the best photos

  • Let go of expectations.
    Way before your wedding or engagement session, we need for you to un-know everything you think you know about having your picture taken.

  • Be a free spirit.
    Plan to dance, run, hug and cuddle... but not at our request... just be open to doing your own thing during the session. The less guidance we have to give, the more authentic the photos will be!

  • Un-pose yourself. 
    As soon as the camera comes out, you'll feel the urge to pose yourself/stand a certain way. Please, don't. Just be you. Come into the session without expectations or contrived ideas of poses or ways of standing/looking. Just melt together as you would if no one was looking.

  • Plan to be emotional.
    Emotion is a very important element in our work. We'll ask you to be many things; romantic, funny and genuinely sweet through words, with your eyes or by touching. The more you connect with each other the less you'll notice us.

  • Take directives literally.
    When we ask you to whisper something sweet into the other's ear, REALLY do it. Don't pretend. Let go of the inhibitions and go for it. Make the session not only more authentic but also meaningful and memorable.

  • Make it meaningful.
    We highly recommend bringing love letters to read one another, something special to share or planning an activity around your session. We can help too, just ask! This helps if you're really nervous/awkward and to make the session super meaningful! Win-win!

  • Be mindful.
    During a session or throughout a wedding day you'll have a number of expressions, keep in mind throughout the day we're photographing you even when you can't see it. We don't want you to be aware of the camera but instead just be mindful of distant stares, accidental scowls or furrowed brows. This happens a lot in high stress environments like weddings where there's a lot going on at once. Also be mindful not to carry your bouquet like a torch!

  • Understand Timing.
    The best time to shoot is when the sun is rising or setting. On a wedding day, typically the best light is just before sunset. Though our work is documentary and free-spirited in style, we depend on timing and light to make work we are proud of. Timelines are planned ahead so we have ample time in the best light. That said...

  • Be on time. 
    We will always come early, scout the location and do lots of mental prep-work to get into our best creative headspace. Be respectful of our time and art by adhering to your pre-planned timeline. Being late or changing the timeline directly affects the quality of our work and mood.

  • Don't freak out.
    On the wedding day when timelines get adjusted on the fly, as they typically do, don't freak out. Keep your perspective on the important things like the marriage, your love standing next to you and the overall meaning of the day. When situations come up, as they typically do, delegate someone else to handle it and return to a peaceful headspace.


Moments like these

Planning to see your love early on your wedding day means having the time and space to share your love and emotions intimately. It makes for a great beginning to your wedding day spent together, instead of hiding and trying not to see each other.

Many couples get hung up on the sentiment of tradition when it comes to that ceremonial moment society has built up in our minds but the truth is, having moments like these is far more memorable + meaningful. Especially because we get to document it for you. Plus, you still get that moment at the ceremony and trust me, you'll still have all the feels then too.

When you see each other before the ceremony, your entire day can be arranged in a way that allows you to be present for the experience you've planned. You can be WITH your guests and family, WITH your love instead of off, away from the party having your photo taken.

In our photos, we love documenting true emotion + moments like the one you see here. And sometimes there isn't space for this kind of experience once the celebration starts because couple's inevitably feel pressured to rush through so they can join the party.

Certain instances, for example a day with a long gap of time between the ceremony and the reception wouldn't make sense to have photos done before the ceremony. But you could still see each other and spend the day together, we always encourage that.

If you need more convincing, we have so much more we could say about this topic! Shoot us an email before you decide!


being present


We don't mind when guests and family take snapshots throughout the day, it's meaningful to them and they want to document what's special to them in their own way...we totally get that. But, there's something that makes us a little bit sad when we're going through your photos afterwards. It's when the parents or siblings or important + close family members are experiencing all the special moments of the day through their screen. They want to be able to look back on those moments later but at the risk of not fully experiencing them in the present.

As you put on the dress, as you walk down the isle, as you say your vows, as you dance with your love... your mom, dad, grandma, maid of honor (etc) shouldn't be recording or snapping photos, we truly believe that. They shouldn't feel the need to document everything. That's what we are there for. Their experiences shouldn't be diminished to what they can feel and see in the tiny square on their screen. More than for the sake of photos, we want them to be tuned in to the moment to experience it WITH you wholeheartedly.

Now, we can't control this and we won't even try to. But know ahead of time that we will actively be looking for emotional moments and expressions from important people all throughout the day and if they're tuned into their screens instead of the moment, you'll see photos of them with their hands up, phone covering their face and them intently staring into the screen with an illuminated face, stern and concentrating instead of letting the emotions wash over them. We just thought you might like to cherish the moments of them without their devices... so this is our advice to you: encourage them, ask them, explain to them why they should just let us do it! :-)


timing is everything



We've been photographers/guests/waitstaff at hundreds of weddings over the years and the single most important ingredient to having a memorable wedding is good timing. It's also THE most important ingredient for good photos. A simple timeline means you can be present in the moment. 

Our Flow:

  • Getting Ready & Details - We arrive about an hour before the dress goes on to document all the details. Justin with the guys, Mallory with the ladies (depending on locations)

  • First Sight & Bride & Groom Portraits

  • Wedding Party Portraits

  • Refresh for ceremony and/or travel

  • Ceremony

  • Family Portraits

  • Cocktail Hour

  • Husband & Wife Sunset Portraits

  • Reception Highlights - We stay through dinner & any formalities you want documented + some fun dancing. If there's a grand exit, please make sure it fits into your coverage time.

Our timeline form will help you organize your itinerary in the early stages and later nail down all the final details. We use it to keep the wedding day flowing so you don't have to worry. 

  • Allow at least 2 hours for photos.
    For any type of timeline, we typically need at least 2 hours for all the portraits throughout the day; 30 minutes for family, 30 minutes for wedding party and 1 hour for you. We'll organize those sessions based on the natural light + your ceremony/reception timeline. Planning this as early as possible is a huge benefit.

  •  See each other before the ceremony. 
    This not only makes the day flow more naturally but it lets you spend the day together. For traditional wedding timelines, this minor change can give you more time at your party and allows more time for getting comfortable in front of the camera. We HIGHLY recommend it! It's also a pretty emotional photo-op.

  • Plan for the best light.
    The closer to sunset we shoot all the portrait sessions, the better the photos will be. Shooting in afternoon light can be hot and uncomfortable for everyone and the light sometimes unflattering in portraits. For afternoon weddings, we try to plan for a longer session at sunset.

  • Attend your cocktail hour.
    Because, why wouldn't you. Don't hide away in a room somewhere. Go mingle with your guests, eat, drink & be married! This allows us to document some natural interactions & the reception details.

  • Reduce travel time.
    Have you ever been in a wedding where you had to drive all over the place? It's no fun, it takes away from the mood and increases your anxiety, especially if you become late. We recommend selecting venues & photo locations that reduce travel time!  


location scouting

We're really good at it.

We'll always choose an epic-nature location over a highly trafficked, popular photo spot and hopefully that's part of what made you hire us!

Normally, we select locations based on available light. We always go towards areas with a bit of privacy and space to do our thing without interruption.

Keep your ideas simple; places without much travel in between and avoid congested and popular wedding photo areas when possible. 


For wedding day photos,you don't have to worry about selecting photo locations. That's part of what you're hiring us to do.

We scout locations ahead of time, either days before or early on the wedding day so if you have something specific in mind, let's talk about it ahead of time. We prefer to choose the locations but we'd love to hear your ideas. Our best work is done in locations that speak to us; intimate, natural and authentic. 




By now you know that we love nature + adventure. Naturally, we love photographing couples out exploring some amazing landscape but we also love doing cozy & intimate in-home sessions. We'll help you plan something personal and meaningful, we'll advise on outfits and we'll likely buy the first round afterwards.

We are full time travelers, so we happily travel to your vacation destination or your favorite place on the map. These photos will be epic so that's worth it to us! Travel fees may apply.

The best way to improve your wedding day experience
+ your wedding day photos is for us to get to know each other!

An engagement session is the perfect way to document the engagement season + it's a practice run for the wedding day!

Engagement Sessions Begin at $450