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This worksheet will help us create an itinerary for your day. Fill out each line with as much detail as you can.
The way your wedding day flows is ultimately up to you but we have a set process for our work; based on the information you input, we'll plan our arrival and departure times and block out the rest of the day so that you can fully experience the day and we know ahead of time where to be without having to ask day-of. The sooner we can finalize this the better, and the more familiar you are with your timeline the more flexible and relaxed you can be for your wedding. 


Moments like these...

Planning to see your love early on your wedding day means having the time and space to share your love and emotions intimately. It makes for a great beginning to your wedding day spent together, instead of hiding and trying not to see each other.

Many couples get hung up on the sentiment of tradition when it comes to that ceremonial moment society has built up in our minds but the truth is, having moments like these is far more memorable + meaningful. Especially because we get to document it for you. Plus, you still get that moment at the ceremony and trust me, you'll still have all the feels then too.

When you see each other before the ceremony, your entire day can be arranged in a way that allows you to be present for the experience you've planned. You can be WITH your guests and family, WITH your love instead of off, away from the party having your photo taken.

In our photos, we love documenting true emotion + moments like the one you see here. And sometimes there isn't space for this kind of experience once the celebration starts because couple's inevitably feel pressured to rush through so they can join the party. 

Certain instances, for example a day with a long gap of time between the ceremony and the reception wouldn't make sense to have photos done before the ceremony. But you could still see each other and spend the day together, we always encourage that.

If you need more convincing, we have so much more we could say about this topic! Shoot us an email before you decide!

We highly recommend doing all photos before the ceremony. It allows you to fully experience the celebration with your family & guests and it creates a more relaxed, stress-free space for the portrait time. Read our take on this in the Wedding Guide.
Are we photographing getting ready? *
Our coverage cost does not include parking/valet fees. If fees are required for any of your locations, let us know so we can prepare and send an invoice for reimbursement if necessary. Thanks!
Bubbles, flower pedals, that kind of thing?
Formal church photos are lovely, we love formal portraits outside even more!
Family Photo List
Each line is 1 photo combination. Select all that apply.
Examples: Bride + father, Groom + mother, Extended family: Bride's mom's side.
This can be a great time to receive guests and mingle. Especially if you're having a first look. Get right to the party!
Dinner, toasts, first dance, bouquet toss, grand exit that you'd like us to cover:
Knowing ahead of time saves us time and the awkwardness of asking you or trying to hunt down the planner/venue manager. Thanks in advance!
For the same reasons as above, we find it helpful to plan ahead for sustenance on long wedding days. Mallory has no dietary restrictions. Justin is a vegetarian/no fish. Our associate team has no dietary restrictions.
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