It's most important to us to document you doing things you normally do, in the way you normally do them. Authenticity. Your engagement session should be an adventure that means something to you. This translates into the planning as well as how you should expect to feel during the session.

It's most important to dress like yourselves. Dress like you would if you two were going on a Saturday afternoon date to lunch and a market. Feel free to bring an outfit change. But don't plan your outfit based on what you have seen other people do. If you haven't worn heels since college, don't wear them for the shoot. If he doesn't like to wear button down shirts, put him in something he feels like himself in. Coordinate outfits but don’t match. Avoid heavy patterns, too much white or denim or an outfit not fitting for the weather. Accessories help give interest to your look but don't go crazy! We'd prefer you not to carry anything with you. If you need to, carry a coordinating bag/backpack.

The best thing you can do to prepare for your engagement session is to relax ahead of time! There is enough stress that builds up when preparing for your wedding – take this time to have a little day-cation and leave the pressure of to do lists and deadlines behind! Relax and simply enjoy the ebb & flow of the day. Plan something a little bit special for that day, grab a drink or take a walk before hand, something to get you in the spirit together before we meet up.

Expectedly, you'll be a little nervous and awkward at first. Everyone is. Within 10 minutes that feeling will fade if you just let go of your expectations and ignore everything except each other. We don't want you to build up expectations for what you think the shoot will be like or what you will look like in the photos. If you go into it with an open-mind and a free spirit the session will flow more naturally and we'll be able to document you authentically rather than a version of you for the photo.

Try not to “pose” yourself (ie: lifting your foot for every kiss, prom pose, etc) We know you've seen engagement photos on Pinterest but if you're over- posing, we will be trying to un-pose you. Try not to be rigid, just relax and soften your body to the experience of being together. Ignore us!

Plan to hold each other the whole time, to look into each others eyes, to laugh, to hold hands and to walk a lot. Plan to be quiet and to have periods of silence when we aren't telling you what to do. Plan to genuinely share thoughts and be affectionate with each other! We'll be looking for those in-between moments, the ones that happen before and after we give you direction, those are the real moments! 

As far as locations go, we tend to chase the good light. We prefer to start a session in one place and wander until we're finished. If you have locations in mind, we can plan ahead for those. We tend to avoid high crowds, busy/tourists spots and anything quintessential. 

On the day of the session, if we think the weather might not be great, we'll contact you to make a plan together. We always try to shoot just before a gorgeous golden sunset but that's not always possible. We will reschedule any time we can to make sure the session will be awesome!