Best of 2015

A year of adventure we planned, a year of adventure we had. This blog hasn't been graced with many personal thoughts lately just as a way to keep a curated journal of our beautiful clients but at the end of the season, with a new year on the horizon, we can't help but start to collect our thoughts on how grateful we are for such a great year. For such a great life.

Our 2015 was truly one for the books, personally and professionally. We photographed the most weddings we've ever shot in a season and traveled more than ever. Professionally, this year took us to California, Colorado twice, New York, Chicago and all around Ohio, this year brought us publication features and a ton of new industry and life friends along with new skills, passions and ideas. Personally, this year brought us a creative burn-out like we never thought possible and a desire to travel deeper and work more passionately towards a debt-free, minimalist life. We bought a motorhome and started preparing for a different kind of life than we've had for the last ten years together. We got three new family members and one new kitty! 

The best part of 2015 though is the stories we got to be a part of. No matter how long we do this work, we're never desensitized to the magnitude of that little detail. That we get to witness and document a couple, a family, best friends in their most joyful moments on a day that will be one of their most memorable in all their history... that's huge and still such an honor to us. 

2015 put in front of our camera a ton of awesomely individual, genuine and special people and stories. These moments made up a year will we not forget and we just want to give thanks to these people for quite literally keeping our lights on. 
Without further are our best moments of 2015...thanks be to everyone pictured and several who are not! 
Cheers to 2016!

Erin + Mark | Evergreen, Colorado

For so long we've had this dream of traveling to make photographs. To document the stories we love in insanely beautiful places. Stories in the mountains, stories on the coast, stories of love, stories of life. This year has been such a fulfilling year in that respect. We've documented some really enchanting places and stories and we're so in love with all of them! Erin + Mark are exactly the kind of people we hoped to meet when that dream came into our hearts. I met these two a year ago in Colorado and we hiked and talked about life and made such a great connection that I basically begged them to bring us back for their wedding this year. Strings were pulled and the four of us were able to make it happen. We were so excited! This was the wedding we looked forward to all year long...because well...MOUNTAINS! The fact that Erin and Mark are literally THE sweetest, most generous, funny and down-to-earth people made it so much more worth it for us to hop a flight to Denver for their wedding! 

We arrived the day before the wedding and Denver greeted us with THE WEIRDEST weather forecast. By the morning of the wedding it was a complete white out-blizzard in Evergreen after raining the entire day before. We were super freaked out, our idea of that temperate 60 degrees and sunny that Colorado usually provides was no where in sight. Instead we had this awesome blanket of fog, giant snow flakes floating in the wind and a perfectly overcast sky. Sure, our fingers were cold and our feet got wet but any bride that throws on her hiking boots for portraits is a ten in my book. Complete with Colorado craft beer, a lake house lodge ceremony with a visit from an otter, and the happiest people on the planet here's Erin + Mark, a wedding we have been SO EXCITED to share with ya'll for so long. 

Collected 2015

Way back in July we hosted the second annual Collected. This event, spun out of a handful of ideas and dreams of collaborating, has taken on a life of it's own both years. This year we had the most amazing team of vendors in the industry to put their minds to work creating vignettes of style and creativity. The photographers, all twelve of us, looked with discerning eyes for ways to improve, to see differently, to refuel our passion for this creative passion. The product was a weekend full of crazy downpours, delicious food, bottles of whiskey passed around the fire, eating s'mores out of each others hands (that was awkward and I'm still not sure why it happened), new bonds, laughter and a lot of really great photography. 
Here's my take on this years look!

The love and appreciation I have for Tap Root Catering, Fair Rarity Flowers, Baci Designer (stationary) & Borrow Rentals for being huge contributors to this event TWO YEARS in a row is just too much to put into words on this blog! Your work is constantly stunning, inspiring, creative and literally THE BEST in the industry! 

Vendors who make this event possible: 
Taproot Catering
Sweet Water Caravan
Borrow Vintage & Eclectic Rentals
Fair Rarity Flowers
Baci Designer
Oak & Honey Events
Andi Wheatley Makeup Artistry

Special thanks to all of our amazing national & local event sponsors
The FIND Lab
(provided a hand-crafted album box for a giveaway, see the video here.)
Madera Books
Deli Ohio
Artifact Uprising
Chad Austin Design

Hugs and high-fives to the gorgeous folks in front of the camera:
Devin Casper-Hill  & Keith Hill
Audreanna Tabellion & Josh Heckathorn
Tj Alleshouse
Jeanna Washko & Family
Maria Mejia