Courtney + Liz | Babeville, NY

Everything about Courtney, Liz and their small wedding resonated so deeply with us, I can't believe I'm just now getting around to sharing it here. We absolutely fell in love with these two at a wedding we photographed two years prior. The entire friend group and family involved in both weddings is the most magnetic, welcoming and energetic group...we joked with them throughout that we just wanted to keep photographing weddings within the family forever. 

Courtney and Liz planned for their super intimate, super emotional nuptials to be among a short list of friends and family in their favorite music venue where they often go to see their favorite artist perform. Babeville is a really unique space right in downtown Buffalo, we had a blast just wandering around exploring and documenting this whole day. Allison, the bride from the previous wedding we shot officiated the wedding and she's hysterical so that made the day even more memorable for everyone. 

The love expressed in the eyes and on the faces of these two beautiful women this entire day was the biggest joy to document. We absolutely loved to witness such a love and hope that these images will inspire you to experience life with even a shred of the harmony and grace that these two do. 

Kendel + Paul | Autumn Vintage Wedding

Meeting Kendel + Paul was so refreshing. These two are so young and full of life and appreciation for each other. Just starting a life together, renovating their new home, moving in together, planning a wedding; these could be a source of stress for most couples but these two took every chance to truly celebrate in every way they could. Kendel donning her Grandmother's rose gold, silk wedding gown planned an effortlessly elegant and vintage inspired day that was just so cute, so romantic and so them! Thankful we got to be a part of it!

Jen + Tyler | Ariel International Wedding


I hardly know where to start with Jen + Tyler's wedding. They had their dogs, their motorcycle, a Star Wars theme, a rooftop was basically the most badass wedding day ever. Their wedding choices aside, Jen + Tyler are the coolest kids on the block...if you're like us and you're into video games, comics and Star Wars, you'd agree! 
Their day was SO emotional and so special to watch. Their friends and families poured their hearts into their parts of the day and it was so obvious (as you will see below) that these two really honed in on celebrating this day their own way and making sure it was special.