Legendary weekend

We turned off the computers and the cell phones on Thursday for what we planned to be a long and great weekend celebrating the end of Justin's summer and our anniversary. I sometimes find myself stifling my enthusiasm for how exciting and awesome I feel like my life is because I know that there are more important things for me to write about, share and spend time talking about but this weekend was one worth noting. What a great, long weekend Justi and I just had! 

We watched the legend, Willie Nelson, perform on stage at Nelson's Ledges after an interesting adventure camping under the trees. It brought me to tears. Escaping into the wilderness was such a reminder of how simple life truly is. 

Then we headed into Pittsburgh for the portion of the weekend that Justin planned. He bought tickets prior to them earning the title of the WORLD champions of women's soccer so his excitement level probably tripled after that. We watched them dominate 8-0 over Costa Rica and sat among nearly 45,000 other fans while that number made us a part of history.  We sat for 90+ minutes in the 90+ degree weather, back dripping in sweat and we loved every minute of it. 

We headed back to have, what we planned to be, a quiet and intimate night enjoying food and craft cocktails at the Monaco Hotel only to find the entire women's team would be gracing us with there presence there, too. What an experience. Justin was speechless and elated. We bought them a round of drinks but gave them their space and didn't ask for a photo or an autograph but I hope they know how much of an inspiration they've been to so many girls, women and to my husband. I couldn't have given him a better anniversary gift! Sadly, our weekend ended bright and early this morning when we got up at 6:30am to drive back to Canton. I dropped Justin off at his office and I came home to mine and I've been struggling to stay on task ever since! But, we're mid-way through our wedding season and have a few more adventures on the calendar before off-season. There's work to be done and long days to be had. I just wanted to share that bit of excitement so we'd remember how legendarily happy we were celebrating our 3rd anniversary and the end of summer 2015. 

And here's a photo of my niece because while we were out celebrating we missed her birthday. She's 7 and she's totally awesome!