Traveling, Gypsy Photographers.

My brother and my mom had a conversation, unbeknownst to me, that Justin and I should call the ourselves 'Gypsy-Tographers'. It has a certain charm to it, I'm not gonna lie. But it's more the sentiment that I like, I think. The idea of the open road, no home, no roots at least for a little while. Wanderlust fulfilled and life simplified + prioritized. Well, that's what we've been planning for the last two years.
It's time to finally share here, making the whole thing seem more official than it has, our adventure and travel plans!  We're hitting the road in a few months! We'll be wheels rolling for a while, for as long as we can stand it, I hope. Our plan, plain and simple, is to book shoots and weddings as we're touring America in our vintage camper. We'll even take our big girl across the borders if you'll take us there! 

We've been working hard (really really hard) to save money, pay off debts, pare-down our belongings and prepare for a life of full-time travel now the only thing left unplanned is where we will go and what we will shoot. See, that's where you come in! Help us share our story by following along on our blog here and our Instagram here. Tell your friends in other states about our business and our story. The more people we're able to reach the more stories we can tell, the more places we can explore! As a thank you we'll send you free adventure prints and even offer up our spare bed in the camper! 

We're super excited for this next chapter of our life & business. Read more about all that on our blog The Motorhome Memoirs.