Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

We just wanted to get away. We watched the weather for weeks leading up to "spring" break. Low 40's and high 30's. A few hours south the forecast was a bit warmer so we looked for the nearest mountain, we loaded up the car, we packed a cooler and we got away. 
The tee-pee was too cold to sleep on the ground and we didn't bring sleeping pads, so we slept in the Jeep. Waking up to fog bellowing out of the mountain canyon and the smell of pressed coffee has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. We met a dog at the Harper's general store who ended up following us all the way to the top of Seneca Rocks. We made friends with a cardinal that kept tapping it's wings on the windows as we slept. We discovered that some of my ancestors might have been early settlers of the area. We sat on the edge and climbed farther than you're supposed to. We drove into  two feet of snow at the top of Spruce Knob and had to make a scary turn-around. We ate pie at a diner where we were the only customers.  That's what adventures are all about...the unexpectedness of it all.