Ashley + Zach - Boulder | Colorado Adventure Session

In the mountains we find ourselves. And for these two that is true. In the midst of a very active season in their lives, Ashley + Zach made time to reconnect on a hike with their cute pup Quimby (a week before their wedding). The hike through the evergreens and aspens was brief. And before we even got winded, layers and layers of grey and blue rocky mountain ranges greeted us while the sun laid it's golden haze across the snowcaps in the distance.
We talked about the future, our collective plans to hike a 14-er and to make more time for things like this. Colorado has a way of delivering perspective and on this evening, we all needed it. 

Ashley + Zach took full advantage of every overlook and outcropping, they sat in the dirt and kissed their dog. They let the summer night fade without hurry. It's was a beautiful story to tell.