Lisa + Brad | Rivercrest Farm Wedding

They're our insanely good looking friends. Lisa is a very talented photographer and videographer and Brad, her now husband, is a very smart engineer. The four of us have a really damn good time together. Lisa and I have these really deep philosophical conversations while the guys talk about nerd stuff. They have become some of our best friends over the last year or so and we were completely honored to document this day for them. Knowing the backstory between two people, witnessing their love and watching them grow together makes documenting their union that much more emotional. What a day. 
With a few tears dripping and some hugs along the way we were completely consumed as we documented Lisa's perfectly executed DIY wedding at Rivercrest Farm. She's so talented and has damn good taste, just look at all these eclectic details. 

Mobile Bar: Sweetwater Caravan
Venue: Rivercrest Farm