Tim & Holleh | Redondo Beach, CA

Every so often we get a unique opportunity to travel for work. It's been becoming more of a frequent thing and we love that. It's been a goal of ours to have our work serve as a way for us to see the world. We love to travel to begin with but when we can travel AND document a story for an awesome couple like Holleh & Tim, well that's exactly what we want to be doing with our business and with our life.
This is a unique story for me to share because the groom is family. It's a long and involved, coming of age story that Tim and I share as cousins. We shared laughter, shared friends and shared tears over fond memories.  But over the years, as adults do, we got busy with our own lives. Miles between us and a collection of life events shared over facebook but I've always looked up to Tim as a beacon of positivity...and comic relief even in hard times. To say that I was ecstatic when they agreed to let us shoot their wedding in California would be an understatement. I was honestly jumping. We had the pleasure of meeting Holleh when we got to California and she's literally the sweetest, most sincere and loving person ever. She was complimenting US the whole time we were doing her portraits. Ha! And I saw so much joy and so much love between these two. As always, it's an honor to document such a joyful day for two people but especially more so when they're your family.