Becca + Vic | Oregon Coast Adventure Session

The Oregon Coast is majestic. It's rough and dark and scary. It's serene and massive...and all at the same time the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Becca + Vic just moved to the Manzanita area and it just so happened that we were in the neighborhood. You may recognize these two from their wedding earlier this year. 

We loved that just a few weeks after they settled in we were able to document a piece of their hearts here in Oregon, on their latest adventure! We hiked, stood on cliffs and in the cold salt water. They showed us a secret trail to a cliff edge hundreds of feet above the most emerald water and crashing waves. It was unforgettable. If you can stand at the edge of the earth and be insignificant and everything all at once then you'll be as changed by Oregon as we all have been.