Kaylen + Jon | Mount Hood Adventure

Kaylen + Jon married a year ago and we were lucky enough to document that day. This year they picked up and headed West (like we're about to do) and have been exploring the peaks and valleys of Oregon + beyond. It just so happened to be just about their one year anniversary when we were in town and by some random stroke of kismet they were free for this super spontaneous Mirror Lake adventure. 

The hour long hike was as glorious and moss covered as we imagined an Oregon hike to be but the best part was walking into the Mirror Lake clearing to see a glorious and snowcapped Mount Hood in the distance. We hiked around the lake, down onto the shore and spent as much time in the pine forest as we could until that last little bit of light sunk below the horizon. Then we hiked back to the car. 

We truly love these kinds of sessions, like more than anything else. The intimacy, the meaning, the adventure...the obvious beauty and the memories made by all. Not a contrived for the camera set of images but a story that all involved were completely present for.