Megan + Nate | Airstream Livin'


Along our travels we occasionally get to meet up with others like us who call a tiny traveling rig home! In this case, we met Megan and Nate Kantor of the Colorado based photography duo named Cedar and Pines. Their work is beautiful and genuine, just like them!

We love these two so much and since this sunset stroll through the saguaros in Phoenix have spent days adventuring in Utah, eating pizza and co-working over coffee. Follow their work and their journey as a they travel around in their @aluminumadventureburrito


Traveling Photographers


Traveling Photographers

A new chapter. 2019 will be a special year for us. As if the previous 10 or more weren’t? They were. Because of you, we’ve been able to pursue our dreams, keep food on our table and find the freedom we desired in life. Quite literally, your support over the years has gotten us here. And now here is a place on the road, where we belong. Mallory + Justin, traveling visual artists. We’ve always been but we’re making a point to emphasize it now more than ever. Our art is photography, content writing, 3d motion graphics and animation, video...and we hope, so much more. We’ll be putting our energy towards diversifying our work and working independently more. Adding more editorial and portraiture, more commissioned work along with hopefully more creative director roles as time goes on. It’s scary to put your dreams out there, but I’m a firm believer that if you don’t then dreams they will stay. But what about Ohio? What about family portraits and weddings? We’re still here. Ohio will always be our home. We’ll return every couple months to book shoots and weddings and of course, visit with our families. We plan to share our routes and travel schedules as much as we can so that you can plan ahead to be where we are or book us when we’re near you. So, if you’d like to stay in touch, sign up to be on our email list for all the updates!

Current Travel Schedule:
September thru mid December 2018 - Ohio
December 2018 - May 2019 - Arizona, Utah, New Mexico
June 2019 - Ohio
July thru August 2019 - Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming
September 2019 - Ohio
October thru November 2019 - Maine, Vermont

Erin + Mark | Evergreen, Colorado

For so long we've had this dream of traveling to make photographs. To document the stories we love in insanely beautiful places. Stories in the mountains, stories on the coast, stories of love, stories of life. This year has been such a fulfilling year in that respect. We've documented some really enchanting places and stories and we're so in love with all of them! Erin + Mark are exactly the kind of people we hoped to meet when that dream came into our hearts. I met these two a year ago in Colorado and we hiked and talked about life and made such a great connection that I basically begged them to bring us back for their wedding this year. Strings were pulled and the four of us were able to make it happen. We were so excited! This was the wedding we looked forward to all year long...because well...MOUNTAINS! The fact that Erin and Mark are literally THE sweetest, most generous, funny and down-to-earth people made it so much more worth it for us to hop a flight to Denver for their wedding! 

We arrived the day before the wedding and Denver greeted us with THE WEIRDEST weather forecast. By the morning of the wedding it was a complete white out-blizzard in Evergreen after raining the entire day before. We were super freaked out, our idea of that temperate 60 degrees and sunny that Colorado usually provides was no where in sight. Instead we had this awesome blanket of fog, giant snow flakes floating in the wind and a perfectly overcast sky. Sure, our fingers were cold and our feet got wet but any bride that throws on her hiking boots for portraits is a ten in my book. Complete with Colorado craft beer, a lake house lodge ceremony with a visit from an otter, and the happiest people on the planet here's Erin + Mark, a wedding we have been SO EXCITED to share with ya'll for so long.