Photos of us in our favorite place by our friends Nate + Megan of Cedar & Pines

Photos of us in our favorite place by our friends Nate + Megan of Cedar & Pines

This isn’t about us.

After over a decade of being together and professionally documenting love stories for hundreds of couples, we know a thing or two about love, weddings and marriage.

What we’ve learned is how you feel on your day, whatever the day entails and whatever it means to you, is all that matters. It’s not the most important day of your life. It’s one day. One very special, energetic day among hundreds more in your lifetime that will be worth documenting beautifully. The magic about a wedding day is that it is fleeting and uniquely singular, giving it cosmic importance to your story. That’s what this is about.

This world today is absolutely full of “content” and beautiful photos, but your story is yours, and it’s important to us to tell it thoughtfully.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we hope to guide you through this entire experience, beginning with the timeline plan and on through the cheers we’ll definitely share together at sunset. The photographs we produce will be the reflection of your experience; the beautiful details, the unexpected moments, the intimacy and emotion. It’s that simple.

We’re all about you!

We’re Mallory + Justin McCrea, we live full time in a tiny camper that we tow through the desert and the mountains chasing after a life that’s full of adventure and freedom. Slow mornings, cheese plates, sunsets and cat snuggles are our favorite things. We're into indie films, folk-y music and hosting gatherings of all kinds.

In 2007, we began our entrepreneurial journey together. We both have art degrees and spent a number of years working 9-5 until we realized there were other ways of doing life. It’s an honor to do what we do and we’re thankful for each opportunity to meet people and do what we love.

We have an awesome team of talented artists (called The Heartlanders Collective) who provide photography coverage as associates of our company. We love sending them out when we’re traveling or already booked. They’re amazing and we’re so lucky to have them!

We’d love to hang out and connect so that we can thoughtfully tell your story. Head to our contact page to receive pricing and start the conversation!