What is an associate team?
The team is an extension of ‘Mallory + Justin’ , they are talented artists that photograph couples for us while we manage all the rest.

How many weddings have your associates photographed?
Each of them has photographed 7+ weddings as an associate for Mallory + Justin but each of them have also shot several weddings either on their own or with other photographers.

What are your prices?

We'd be happy to send along our detailed package
offerings, just head to the contact form to reach out.

Who will be shooting my wedding?
It’s up to you! We’ll send you our availability when you fill out the contact form and you can select and meet your photographer.

How do you get those natural poses?
By paying attention. Of course, a small portion of any shoot/wedding there will be time set aside for portraits but even then we prefer to observe. We’ll still make sure you look your best.

Do you work with a shot list?
Respectfully, no. That’s not a natural way of documenting your story truthfully. We’d prefer you trust us.

How many images do we get?
On average, a complete gallery will have 500-700 images. A portrait session usually returns 50-100 images.

Who edits the photos?
Mallory + Justin manage all the post process. We either edit using Adobe LR to make simple adjustments to exposure, tone and contrast or we outsource to a professional we trust. Generally speaking, our edits are very minimal and we like it that way.
Our videographer edits her own footage.

When will my photos be done?
Portrait delivery time is within 3-4 weeks.
Wedding collections are delivered in 8-10 weeks.
Wedding video can take up to 12 weeks.
If you need something rushed, email us for our rush options. 

What is included in your travel fee?
We charge a flat rate for travel based on your specific details.

Can we print & post?
Yes! For personal use only. You’ll get a print release for printing & you can share on social media from your gallery or when you get your files. Just no editing or filtering. We always appreciate credit.

Do you offer albums & prints?
We do but we’re not professional sales reps, just shoot us an email for information!

 How do we book you?
Once we’ve worked out the details, we’ll send an online quote for you to accept which will prompt an online contract for you to sign followed by an online invoice. A 50% non-refundable is due at the time of booking and the remainder of your balance is due 30 days before you wedding day. We only accept online payments.

What other services do you offer?
We wear many hats as entrepreneurs. We LOVE collaborating with other creatives. We're happy to shoot commercial and product photography for awesome brands we love.
We offer mentoring and workshops for photographers +
Justin offers lessons in the Adobe Suite and 3d animation.