collected retreat

Is an annual event we put on for vendors & photographers to gather and create work that inspires them. In all it's madness Collected is a loosely arranged compilation of elements brought together by a hand-picked assemblage of creatives. A collaboration. An anthology. An open space for authentic, creative exploration among friends,old and new. And a chance to refine and perfect our craft without a client or a deadline. 
2017 Details are in progress. 

Collected Galleries


Who We Are
We're Mallory and Justin and this event is just a product of Mallory's imagination. We like to get people together. We're easily fascinated by people and their stories and we find so much inspiration in creative minds and big dreams. We love California and the West Coast. Ohio is home but our hearts belong in the mountains.

Road trips, camping and hiking are our favorite ways to spend time together. Justin's an avid gamer and geeks out over comic books and action figures. Mallory loves reading, concerts and tattoos.  We share a love for hand-crafted cocktails, tacos of all kinds and experiences and people who inspire us.

What We Do
At Collected we gather, we eat, we drink, we talk about anything on our minds and we photograph whatever we want. Collected is a place where everyone is a model, everyone is a photographer and everyone a curator of their own creative vision. 

The focus will be more on us digging into some creative inspiration, hashing out areas of weakness and general shenanigans WITH each other! Afterwards, we share everything from the shoot day with everyone involved. It's a way for our wedding vendor friends to get great images of their work and for us to make good relationships in a real way with people who help make our jobs more fun and interesting.


What We Believe
From the blog in 2014- "We knew this event was going to be so much more than pretty pictures of wedding stuff. The pretty pictures, to us, are just a byproduct that came of the relationships that were born and the moments of collaboration that took place."

COLLECTED represents the idea that all of the elements that went into the day were collected. Justin and I personally collected a group of creatives, called them together, they brought their own array of elements that they themselves collected, things that stirred in their hearts. And in a collected manner we quietly and confidently collected stories, relationships, photographs and moments. We collected works and ways of bettering our businesses. We collected experiences. Most importantly we allowed ourselves time to be still, to learn, to grow and to share...all over drinks and good food. We believe in that.

How It Works
Collected's purpose is to gather selectively a grouping of unique and eclectic wedding vendors from our area with models and photographers/videographers, not only for creative work but for socializing and bonding. More for socializing and bonding, actually. We'll have scenes and sets and the 'Collected table' of things to use and enjoy. You can shoot all day or you can sit and watch, talk, eat, drink all day. It's your adventure. Vendors are invited to create a piece of their work to be photographed and enjoyed.