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Bad grammar and typos guaranteed. Because what's the point of all these words remaining in my head. - Mallory


A place to belong
February 2018

Today was the first day that we sat and had deep conversations about what this experience is doing for us. We often explore a place and in the back of our minds have intentions of finding our place, finding our people...our tribe in this world of instagrammers, yoga moms, Target addicts and millennial hipsters. We aren’t quite sure where we belong.

We had high hopes today that we’d explore a mountain town that might inspire...but yet again, we didn’t belong. We talked about where our place might be, what kind of people might be there. We wondered if we’d ever find it. As travelers, the kind that wander and explore, not the kind who jet-set to far off islands and coastal resorts, as travelers who head out down a long dirt road to the unknown, who sleep under the stars and spend hours planning routes that avoid major cities and those kinds of travelers maybe we don’t belong anywhere.

Along the way we find little pockets of comfort and we think maybe this is it, but that feeling is always temporary. Maybe we don’t really belong anywhere but together, in our own our own company.



Fresh air
December 2017

Inside the appliances illuminated and the flicker of the pilot light cast a glow on the floor. I unlocked the deadbolt and then the knob and stepped out into the deep blue and white glow of the midnight sky. Under a supermoon I drew in one, two, three deep breaths before exhaling through my mouth with a hefty “haw”. The breath stuck on the cold air and floated, dangling there like it was almost frozen. In the distance a dog barked and the leaves rustled in the nearby trees. The supermoon was the brightest it had been this year. "Babe", he called from inside the loft. "I just wanted some fresh air", I said, locking the door behind me as I stepped back inside. Old habits mixed with new ones, that old life of city streets and neighbors close enough to touch still creeps in to this new existence out here in the woods.