"Do I need to be a new photographer for this workshop?"
NO! This workshop would be a great learning experience for any level of wedding photographer. We always grow from experiences and learn from one another so you'll definitely leave with something new + some really great images!

"What is Hine's Hill?"
Part of Hine's Hill Campus pictured to the right is at 1403 West Hines Hill Road, Peninsula, OH 44264. It is a beautiful, multi-structure wedding venue located inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We LOVE national parks and we're so lucky to have one so close to us! We're teaming up with the Hine's Hill Campus to host the walk-through because we LOVE shooting that space, you're going to love it too!

"Will I get to shoot during the wedding-walk-through?"
Generally, yes! We'll be teaching and demonstrating so we've alloteed a designated shoot time for attendees. You'll get free-reign to shoot at the live engagement session on Day 2.

"Can I use the photos?"
All photos can be used for your portfolio with proper credits.

"How many people are attending?"
Space is limited to 20 photographers to ensure a sense of close-knit community, and to promote learning and participation! 

"What will I learn?"
We hope that you'll learn a lot. We've found that we learn more than anticipated at workshops when we connect with the other attendees and listen to them share their experiences. We think that is always a huge take-away. 

"What will you teach me?"
We're putting together a specific curriculum and will share that soon. 
We plan on walking you through each portion of a wedding, starting with how we help bride's organize their timeline and ending with reception lighting...covering all the details in-between. During the business focused portion of the workshop we'll teach you how to streamline processes and have an open discussion about your struggles/weaknesses and answer lots of questions!