The form below will help us give you a great photography experience. Fill out each line with as much detail as you can.

FIRST LOOK SCHEDULES: Ultimately the way your wedding day flows is up to you.  We will always recommend a couple have a 'first look' because we love the way it makes the day feel for them. It's a more natural, flowing schedule and leads to a more meaningful day. Couples have said it feels less theatrical and more authentic and we love the  way that looks in their photos. For more information contact us before filling in the form!

We'll plan our arrival and departure times based on your details here and work together to build an itinerary that fits your day!

A first look allows you to get all the photographs completed before the ceremony so then you're free to enjoy your wedding day!
Formal church photos are lovely, we love formal portraits outside even more!
This can be a great time to receive guests and mingle. Especially if you're having a first look. Get right to the party!
Dinner, toasts, first dance, bouquet toss, grand exit that you'd like us to cover:
Add one for only $250
Knowing ahead of time saves us time and the awkwardness of asking you or trying to hunt down the planner/venue manager. Thanks in advance!
For the same reasons as above, we find it helpful to know the what, when and how of replenishing our energy levels for the day!