We're Midwesterners following our hearts towards all the wild landscapes that have inspired us and our work. We're currently living in a 1985 camper-tiny-house conversion. Follow our travels here. We prefer the minimalist life so we can travel and experience more. Documenting the stories of the people we connect with is what makes us really love being photographers. We believe that every little thing in life deserves to be documented, shared and remembered beautifully.

We jumped in (heart first) and began our entrepreneurial journey together in 2007. We both have Art degrees and a passion for creating. We get so excited to spend a wedding day among joyful people, celebrating love. We're easily fascinated by all the wonders of life and the experiences we're partaking in so on a wedding day we're intentionally tuned in to all the details.

In our personal life; give us a slow morning with french press, a fireplace and a cat to snuggle and we might not leave the house. We love mountains & nature more than anything. We're into indie films, indie music, hosting gatherings of all kinds, with family & friends. We love cooking healthy meals, farmers markets, road trips and long summer nights around a campfire. We live with intention and purpose. 

Together we find ourselves endlessly dreaming of the next adventure; camping in the woods, hiking to the top of a mountain, cycling in a road race or spending weeks driving around the American West...we're inspired by and obsessed with adventure!

Mallory is an introvert, a hard worker and is always barefoot. She changes her hair too often and is a real-life cat lady. She'll do anything for anyone she loves. She has a collection of half-filled journals whose pages are lettered with tales of love and friendship. She has a collection of oil paints that don't get used enough and a pipe dream of being a writer. 

Justin, a born extrovert, has a heart of gold, the imagination of a genius and is a vegetarian. He's a huge soccer fan and still plays every Sunday. He has a giant collection of records, comic books, films and video games all of which are impeccably organized. He sketches in his sketchbook everyday. He's been a college professor of animation for the last 8 years.

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