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Our Story

Traveling Adventure & Documentary Wedding Photographers, Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographers. Mallory & Justin McCrea.

Our Story

We're Mallory + Justin, husband and wife, tiny-living, cat-parents. We're the full time co-owners of this photography team based in Northeast Ohio. You can learn more about the other photographers on our team here. As a team, we are available for weddings in the Midwest and anywhere in the United States year round.

About 4 years ago, after taking the backroads on a 4-week car-camping road trip from Ohio to the California we became obsessed with the idea of living with less and spending as much time exploring in nature as possible. Since then, we've become full-blown minimalists + freedom chasers. We took our penchant for nature and adventure and melded it into our photography because we love sharing adventures with wild-spirited couples like us, cameras in hand! 

We live in a 150 square foot, renovated 1985 motorhome with our gaggle of cats and take to the road as often as possible. If you're into that sort of thing, we'd love to have you journey with us here.  We're always up for a travel/destination wedding or session and living in a home-on-wheels makes that super easy.

Give us a slow morning with french press coffee, a golden sunrise and a cat to snuggle and we might not leave the camper. We're into indie films, indie music and hosting gatherings of all kinds, with family & friends. We love cooking healthy meals, farmers markets, road trips and long summer nights around a campfire. We live with intention and purpose and find real fulfillment from helping others grow in any way. We love educating other artists & photographers and sharing experiences from life, travel and work on our many blogs and social media accounts. 

In 2007, we began our entrepreneurial journey together. We both have art degrees and spent a number of years working the 9-5 life until we found it just wasn't for us. Owning this business keeps us passionate about work. Every weekend we shoot, we get so excited to spend the day among joyful people, celebrating a love story.  We're always reminded of little ways to love and live better during the ceremonies and celebrations. We love making a bunch of new friends every summer, too.


Mallory is an introvert, a hard worker and is always barefoot. She changes her hair too often and is a real-life cat lady. She'll do anything for anyone she loves. She has a collection of half-filled journals whose pages are lettered with tales of love and friendship. She has a collection of oil paints that don't get used enough and a pipe dream of being a writer. 

Justin, a born extrovert, has a heart of gold, the imagination of a genius and is a vegetarian. He's a huge soccer fan and still plays every Sunday. He has a giant collection of records, comic books, films and video games all of which are impeccably organized. He sketches in his sketchbook everyday. He's been a college professor of animation for the last 8 years.