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Our Process

Traveling Adventure & Documentary Wedding Photographers, Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographers. Mallory & Justin McCrea.


About Our process

We care deeply about truthfully representing your story. Uncontrived. Just you being you. We absolutely love the intimacy of engagement sessions, small weddings & elopements. We love working with couples who’s focus is on each other, their people and the vibe...couples who plan on honoring the meaning of marriage and celebrating that without much of a fuss over the material things. It’s a bonus if you want us to make some magical portraits in a beautiful landscape but the true joy in what we do is documenting the real parts of the day, the real parts of you, the candid and unposed version of you. Those photos will be the ones you remember, the ones you’ll love longer. For that reason, we shoot with a documentary approach to the day and will guide and direct only during portrait time (if you need it)! 

We keep a calm and relaxing energy while we're shooting to leave room for your personality to surface. We handle the locations, the good light and we hope you'll trust us to make beautiful, emotional imagery of your story. You just have to be you, unapologetically. We tend to explore nature a lot when we shoot, the beauty and tones make our work feel more natural and timeless. We're always shooting, throughout the session or the wedding day, we aren't stopping every few shots to repose or adjust your hair/'s an unfolding story in motion and we aim to document all the parts of that. 

Our favorite wedding day to document would be full of super meaningful + personal details and moments. It would be timed just right for beautiful photos. The bride & groom would be dressed in something comfortable and simple yet elegant and would never let go of the other's hand. They'd dance to their favorite song even if no one else knew it. If this sounds like you or the wedding day you hope to have, then we should definitely get to know each other! To learn more about planning a wedding like this read our blog post.