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Our new project | The Heartlanders Co


We are SO excited, honored and relieved to finally be sharing some big news with the world. As big dreamers and go-getters, Justin and I often start an undertaking without realizing the amount of work we'll eventually put in. This was one of those projects. We brainstormed, mulled over the options and shared countless conversations before finally deciding that this was the next step for our business. Once we got the ball rolling we were consumed with the excitement and possibilities that played in our minds! It was difficult to focus on anything else! But now that its live we are like two proud parents! 
For several (more than we'd like to admit) years now, we've been working towards a goal of traveling full time. We sold possessions, rented out our home, renovated a motorhome, moved into said motorhome only to be knocked down time and time again by life and her constant tests. Finally having this new business off the ground feels like one more HUGE step in the right direction for us personally and professionally.

We'd like to introduce you to our new team.
The Heartlanders Collective is a brand new team of wedding photographers and videographers in northeast Ohio and serving all of the Midwest. Born out of years of collaboration, friendship and inspired conversations with these people. As the founding members of this little Dream Team, Justin and I could not be happier to share business with these insanely talented artists and we're incredibly honored that they wanted to be a part of this with us.
Going forward,  “Mallory +Justin” as a company will operate normally. These two brands will run alongside each other for the foreseeable future with The Heartlanders Co as an umbrella of our little husby+wife duo. Our hope is that by having a team of associates here in Ohio, we will have the opportunity to travel more and focus on some other creative ambitions we’ve been too busy to pursue while running this business ourselves. We're also really excited to be able to serve more couples with our same client experience, quality and approach. 

All of this just to really say, thank you all for the support over the years! We couldn’t do it any of this without you!

The team is available for hire for photography and videography services for your wedding, engagement, family session or portraits. Head over to The Heartlanders Collective website to learn all about the team and our services! We're super excited to be offering videography for the 2018 season!