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Stephanie in the Woods

We've been in the mood for while to do something different in our work. Both of us have been trying to make a conscious effort to see different angles, look for different light that we wouldn't typically be drawn to and to shoot a more soulful story. Finally we planned a shoot with Stephanie, who is a Ballerina, in the woods of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

We're both SO proud and in love with these images. The story they tell and the experience of documenting something at a much slower pace than a wedding is something we're really drawn to right now. We told Stephanie to be herself, dress however she wanted, do her makeup however she wanted; that we wanted to document a soulful image of a soulful person. We wanted the light and the dark to meet, kiss and be the main event in these images. Take a look at Stephanie in the Woods. We didn't plan on photographing Stephanie with her car but once we saw her in it, we couldn't resist!