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Self Portraits

"For those who aspire to be themselves"
I read those words in a Pinot Grigio ad in Bon Appetite magazine. Irreverent, completely, but that's just how random inspiration is. Our photography is just like that wine, apparently. Our process, our methods and the moments we capture are for those who aspire to be themselves. Unapologetically real. Flawed but still worth it. 

We don't love ourselves any more than one should but we do travel to beautiful places all the time and usually it's just the two of us. That's to say that we end up pointing our cameras at each other more often either of us really enjoys being on the other side of the lens but it makes for a fun time together of us aspiring to be ourselves and capturing it.

Our message has always been that those little, forgettable moments are worth documenting. Those are actually the ones that'll bring that prickle of goosebumps later on in life or remind you how your skin smelled of the ocean and the breeze wrapped your hair around your face. Those moments are so worth remembering and those are the stories we want to document. For those who aspire to be themselves!