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Lainey in the Water

As a portrait photographer in the Canton Akron area, I wanted to find a model that I could work with on a regular basis. I wanted someone I could call up anytime I felt inspired to create something. Lainey was introduced to me through a mutual friend and we hit it off instantly. Mallory joined us on a several of our first shoots and

Lainey told us later that being new to modeling and shooting with us together made her comfortable and allowed her inspiration to flow naturally. We've done several shoots over the years and have watched Lainey flourish as a local model.

One of our favorite shoots was a Sippo Lake Park in Canton. Lainey and I spontaneously decided to get into the water, luckily it was a hot day. Lainey says that was one of her favorite shoot was her very first when they had traveled to a park Quail Hollow in Hartville, Ohio in the blistering (seriously blistering) cold. Lainey enjoyed the new experience and her time with Justin & Mallory even though it was 10 degrees with the wind chill picking up. We also did a fun grunge shoot in Highland Square, in Akron where Lainey would later end up living! We're due for some more summer shenanigans with our favorite model! -J