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 Photo by Meg Brooke Photography

Photo by Meg Brooke Photography

 Photo by Meg Brooke Photography

Photo by Meg Brooke Photography

Here we are.

Life partners. Business partners.
Mallory + Justin, a faceted story.

In a general description we are a creative partnership providing photography in many forms for clients and brands all over the US; education, workshops and gatherings for the like-minded; and motion graphics for the design inclined. All while documenting our own experiences in life, love and travel. 

Our Journey to Here (So Far)

Our early years together saw us dabbling in This and definitely in That. We bought a house and made a go of it; had more cats than you might suspect. Filled it with us and loved it well. We settled in, but remained unsettled. Something stirred in the deep, gentle at first (as dreams are oft to be), until eventually it overflowed and we could not resist. Simply, we had to go there, wherever 'there' was. Turns out it's everywhere. With gusto and damned determination we built out a 1985 motorhome and called her Big Girl... and ultimately parked her permanently as our home base. Chalking it up to a lesson in letting go of expectations, we hitched an R-Pod to our Jeep (#bertandginny, a loyally devoted pair) and took to the road. Which brings us to Here.

Here is a happy life made full by family, by pursuit, by genuine sustenance — not without grit, and beautifully so. In becoming observers to nature's mysterious ways, we allow the space for chance encounter and discovery.  We lean into things of substance slowly: a cup of coffee; a walk through the desert, unkempt and without destination; a photograph, taken and kept; a day at home or a day out there. Idling long enough that we might remain available to the whim and wildness of the day. These are the keepings of a connected, good life. And so we find ourselves propelled ever onward—ever outward—toward that which makes us Well.

If it's the unpaved roads and impossibly vast ranges of the west that expand us, it's the friendliness and tenacity of Ohio that forged us. The Midwest is a curious place—equal parts sagacious and unshowy—and we hope to reflect that in our own 'come as you are' approach to work and life.

With more than a decade of growing up side-by-side, we did just that: we grew up. And it illuminated what we're in it for: documenting and connecting with the raw, the genuine, the stuff that matters most to you because without it you could not possibly be or imagine another way. That's us, too.

If you connect with our story and are interested in capturing your own in one form or another, we would love to meet you. You can reach us by email, peek our travels on instagram @themotorhomememoirs, or find us somewhere out there, in the real world.

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